Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's about time!

p.s. I finally updated my blog background. It was still fall oriented until today (yeah, that time's definitely come and gone) so I decided to do a holiday one rather than just Christmas because considering how on top of changing the background I may have stayed Christmas until Valentines or something. Not so great. So yeah, enjoy. And oh yeah.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes was the same as I had imagined it but also very different. I really liked how the electrodes are a lot smaller than they used to be. I can see how that would make a huge difference on children and smaller faces. It already pulled and stung a little when trying to pull off the stickers from our faces so I can only imagine those huge (and very sticky!) things they used to use. I liked learning how to apply the technology onto each other, and the students we tried it with, rather than just having it only being done to us. I think practicing applying to one another and having it done to us helped us realize which spots are a little more sensitive or where maybe extra tape needs to be used over the stickers.
Using Eagle Eyes was a lot harder for me than I first thought it was going to be. I felt like I really had to concentrate hard on where I wanted the cursor to go and almost over exaggerate where I was looking. I realize now, after talking about it a little more, that it could have just been because it wasn’t centered correctly and things like that. But even still it made me appreciate, even more than before, those students that we have seen who can use it so well. (Like Alex- see post below :)
I think Eagle Eyes is a very good technology and is a great concept, although like we mentioned in class last week, I know it’s also not a miracle technology that’s going to help every student. I do think Eagle Eyes is very beneficial for children and students with Cerebral Palsy and needs that are similar to that. For children who do not have full capability of their body (motor skills) and those who do not speak, Eagle Eyes is something that can definitely help them. It can help them make others realize that they truly are an individual with a personality and thoughts and not just someone sitting in a wheelchair who can’t talk. I think one of the most important things that I have learned from our CPSE 463 class is that we need to make sure to give everyone a fair chance at expressing themselves and for some people Eagle Eyes is the way they can do that.

Awesome technology is taken to Romania!

Okay, so I know this is happened awhile ago and I don't really know if this is really mine to share but I'm going to do it anyway...
So yes, I went to Romania about 2 years ago but it doesn't mean I stopped loving the children there. One of the boys in the orphanage, Alex, has cerebral palsy and recently created this painting basically with his eyes! One of my special ed. teachers let us know about it. Alex was just given the device Eagle Eyes (not to be confused with the movie) which is basically a mouse controlled by your eyes. So freakin awesome. Love it, love him, love Romania! Love technology and the things it does for people with disabilities!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So today we started our project for the use of iMovie and can I just say that we had a hilarious time. Our movie is going to rock everyone's socks and even if you weren't there for the taping I still think you'll get, if not a hysterical laugh, at least a chuckle out of it. And for the even funnier parts (not all can be used) I think we'll use some as bloopers.
After class I came home and told my roommates about our video and they were like "oh, that's a good idea" and "that stuff totally happens" and one even joked that this should be something taught to everyone not just special ed. students. I'm excited to finish the editing process and make our video absolutely fantabulous!


In class we talked about how pedagogy is
-the way you teach
-teaching strategies
-method for teaching

I found a definition of pedagogy that I really liked and noticed that Tati found the same one. It defines pedagogy as the "means the science and art of teaching; but it means more than that. It means the taking of young children, and, by means of both skillful teaching and wise training, leading them up to worthy manhood and womanhood."
I really liked that definition and applied it in a different way to special education. I kind of took it more as it doesn't necessarily matter so much what we teach them as long as we're teaching them to feel like worthy individuals.
I also liked what CEC had to say about pedagogy: "Pedagogy or teaching skill is at the heart of Special Education." I found this to be very true. Learning a lot of different skills or strategies is very important in special education, not all the children are going to learn in the same way. Some may need one-on-one instruction whereas others learn better from group learning environments. Children who need extra stimulation may need to do more physical activities integrated in their learning. The options are's just finding out what option works best for each student that may be more difficult.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

So, sadly...for whatever reason I have been unsuccessful at setting up an account with iSafe...maybe they don't think I'm safe enough or something for their site. j/k, man, I'm a nerd. but really, I've tried it about 4 of 5 times now but it hasn't worked. But, I did do the other reading for our "internet safety" assignment. I really enjoyed Elder Ballard's talk and it really got me thinking about how sad it is that so much media has become corrupt. I was babysitting my nephews this morning and one of them wanted to watch the Disney version of Robin Hood. Luckily, that's not a bad flick in any way shape or form but it made me think about how there have been inappropriate things found in Disney movies... whether it's quiet talking in the background (like in Aladdin) or cuss words in the movie or on the cover (Little Mermaid). I just don't get why some people can't let there be some wholesome just really goes to show that Satan wants to play his part no matter how small. One quote that really stood out to me from Elder Ballards talk was one that said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Sometimes I think we all think, and I know I have been guilty, that there's nothing we can do about all the bad stuff being seen on television or distributed through the internet but that's not true. Even something as simple as not watching the scum on TV and telling others to do the same can help because the show won't get as good of number of people watching ratings. I also really liked the guidelines posted by the LDS church on internet and computer safety. My parents growing up always had our family computer in a main, high traffic part of the house and I think that is very important. If children aren't given the privacy to look at inappropriate things, they're not going to try. Having a filtering system is also very crucial... scum can just pop up even if you're not looking for it. And that's why it's also very important to talk to your children (or students) about it. Talk about what should happen if something like that does take place and how to handle it. Give warning and awareness to your children, students, and possible students' parents so that that type of thing can also be prevented when you're not able to be close by rendering your protection.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I seriously love, love, love this time of year. Although, sadly this year autumn feels a little different than usual. It has been unusually warm until last weekend where it just rained a ton. What is it with Utah weather and how it's been skipping the in between seasons like spring and autumn!? oh, well...not too much I can do about it but enjoy what I get. So yeah, I love this time of year so I decided to change my background on my blog to represent that. Super cute. love it!

So...last week we were able to go on a field trip for our CPSE 463 class to UAAACT. Though there are some technologies that I've heard and learned about in just about every class this semester it's good to become familiar with them (thinks like Magic and Jaws). What I really liked about our field trip though was the fact that we were able to finally actually hold and try out a lot of the things we'd heard and learned about. It was good to see how they worked in person so we can better understand what would be suitable for one of our students. I love how much technology and all the different services that are out there for individuals with disabilities. I love all the advancements that are being made everyday. It makes me so happy that individuals who once may have been unheard and/or ignored can now use technology to help be their voice and get their thoughts heard.